Penny Arcade Expo

The 2007 Penny Arcade Expo was held in Seattle for the first time. I was there for portfolio reviews at the ArenaNet booth. I also spoke on the PAX panel "Visual Design in Games Today." It was a lot of fun answering questions from people starting out in the industry, looking for tips and trying to find out what the art side of the game creation is all about. It was paneled with Dan Paladin (the dude who drew/animated everything on Alien Hominid), Art We (Art Director on the Penny Arcade game) and Paul Whitehead (Environment Lead at Suckerpunch). All the dudes were incredibly nice and we were all basically on the same page, so I think we gave solid advice.

After the panel I reviewed portfolios at the Arena booth. The general buzz about the Guild Wars Eye of the North was really good. Other than that, I saw hardcore PC gamers, LARPers, cos-players, and table-top dungeon crawlers getting their nerd on. That's PAX.

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