Here are a few of the videos I've directed as Guild Wars 2 Cinematic Team Lead at ArenaNet. They consist of pre-rendered illustrated animation, in-game cinematic cut-scenes and live action trailers for GW2 marketing. Scroll down for my concept art portfolio.

Pre-rendered Guild Wars 2 Animated Promotional Trailer
Horia Dociu, Director, concept, storyboards, script editor, in-game camera
Illustrations by Kekai Kotaki, Daniel Dociu
Motion graphics by Matthew Oswald 

Guild Wars 2 in-game cinematic intro for the "Catacombs" dungeon.
Horia Dociu, Director, storyboards 
In-game illustrations by Richard Anderson, Jaime Jones, Daniel Dociu
In-game cinematic motion graphics animation by ArenaNet Cinematic Team

A behind-the-scenes look at making the real-time, in-game character intros.
Horia Dociu, Director, storyboards, scrip, VO
Illustrations by Richard Anderson, Jaime Jones
In-game cinematic motion graphics animation by ArenaNet Cinematic Team
"Making Of" filmed, cut by Matthew Oswald


Guild Wars 2 lore and game-play trailer for Gamescom 2011
Horia Dociu ,Director, storyboards, in-game camera
Illustrations by Levi Hopkins, Kekai Kotaki, Daniel Dociu
Pre-rendered motion graphics and compositing by Matthew Oswald
In-game cinematic motion graphics animation by ArenaNet Cinematic Team

Guild Wars 2 Promotional interview-style game-play trailer.
Horia Dociu ,Director, storyboards, in-game camera
Filming, motion graphics, green screen by gNetPreview
Capture, cut by AJ Thompson

Here's a collection of my digital paintings, including concept art and illustrations from Guild Wars 2.