My good friend Jason started a kickass art school, and for the last couple of years we've shared the majority of the teaching responsibilities. FuturePoly is a digital arts training studio specifically geared toward video game development. Sharing decades of professional experience, instructors offer a focused curriculum with an emphasis on real-world workflow solutions. With this pinpoint approach to education, serious students will gain industry relevance quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a degree program for game development.
The video game industry grosses more annually than movie box office and DVD sales combined; this is an ever-changing industry, quickly growing and hungry for talent. Breaking in to this competitive market is difficult, and while there is no substitute for learning on the job, building a strong portfolio under the guidance of seasoned industry veterans is an advantage few other programs can offer. If you're looking to start working toward a career in game art, there's no better recommendation I can make.
I teamed up with founder Jason Stokes, splitting the teaching duties on the core curriculum. Jason teaches a full, three session course on 3D modeling, while I've covered texture art and introductions to digital painting. Now I personally focus more teaching some of the core principles of concept art for games.
Our courses don't grant instant access to the industry, but we'll do our best to give you the training and personal advice to set you on the right trajectory to creating a relevant industry portfolio. Along with satellite courses and workshops on everything from game animation to character sculpting, FuturePoly is quickly becoming a first option for entertainment art education in the north west.
Below, you'll find a very nice, and very honest account of one of my former students and current co-workers, Priscilla. In this blog post, she gives her account of her all too familiar story facing the current job market, what led to her decision to join FuturePoly, as well as her experience with our school. Priscilla is a great person and a hard worker, and just the type of student we were hoping to help when we opened our doors.

For more information, courses and registration, please visit www.FuturePoly.com