Eye of the North

At 12:01am on Friday Guild Wars: Eye of the North went live! This is our fourth game, an expansion to the previous Guild Wars titles, Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall.

This is the in-game cinematic trailer I directed.

While I did a few environmental props and a couple concepts toward the beginning of the project,my main focus was story-boarding and directing the in-game cut scenes. Our tools and technical limitations were a gant hurdle to overcome, to say the least, but I feel the scenes we really had time to polish look great regardless. Overall, I really think this is Arena.Net's best looking game so far, on all fronts. I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate what a pleasure and honor it is working with such amazingly talented artists and friends.

Here's the trailer I made for the follow-up downloadable mission pack, again using clips from the in game cinematics is story-boarded and directed.

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