GW mission pack ninjas

Wow, I've been at Arena.Net for FOUR years now! It's been an amazing place to work, mainly because of the friends I've made there, and the strong sense of artistic community we've established and maintained.   
The Ninja Guard concept above is for the Guild Wars downloadable content pack. The sketches below are my rough comps for the loading screen to the level these guards appear in.

The ones I like most were too action oriented to be a loading screen. I ended up going with the one on the bottom left because it tells the story it needs to, and it had a sense of suspense which is appropriate for a load screen.

When I had to draw the in-game storybook pages for that mission's epilogue, one of the load screen sketches was a perfect fit for the script, so with a quick paint over it turned into one of the six panels below.

Today's lesson? ...recycle! :)

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