Almost a year since the last post- nice! Thought it'd be a good idea to just keep random notes here for the day/week whatever- so here goes:

Today, the importance of silhouette, volume, faces and hands was brought to my attention for some reason. Random I know, but it kinda hit me for out of the blue, that if you nail these things, the drawing's as good as done... I mean perspective, lighting and a whole mess of other things are important, but in quick storyboard sketches, those are four things I tend to gloss over and reverting to my shortcuts is not helping me. So, note to self, work on those bits for now!

Also, I saw the Ratatouille book today at work -my copy's on its way- it was pretty inspiring. I loved the rad animator pencil sketches of the rats, the cool character maquettes, and of course the lighting studies by everyone’s' favorite, Dominique Louis. This book is probably my 2nd favorite after Monster's Inc. but I'll decide that once I get mine home for closer inspection :)

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