Our sweet GW2 cinematics!

Here's the real-time-rendered, in-game-cinematic-cut-scene for the Guild Wars 2 "Catacombs" dungeon. I directed this and drew up the story boards- big huge high five to my kick-ass team for hitting such a high quality bar. I think it came out super nice and I'm glad we get to share it before the game is out!


Kai said...

Congratulations, you did a very nice job here. Especially the combination of ingame footage and concept art is awesome.

Btw. which of the parts are out of the GW2 engine? Only Rytlock or other parts too? (e.g. the burning village, running guy after the explosion...)

I am really hopping that you guys intend to put a ridiculous amount of video content in that quality into the game ;)

HORiA DOCiU said...

Hi Kai-
Thanks for the kind words. While the majority of each shot is in fact a 2D painted illustration, it is layered in 3D and rendered REAL TIME in the GW2 engine. Rytlock, is a 3D character model, the ghosts are illustrations with 3D rig bones, and all of the particle effects are 3D. It's all rendered as you watch, and we simply strive to make a good looking final image, so we'll embrace any technique or combinations of formats that will give us the desired look.


Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome stuff indeed. I liked the way the lightning coming from the king's sword was animated. It doesn't look like the special effects you usually see in video games, the movement seems inspired from hand-drawn anime.