GW2 Manifesto

Here's the trailer I directed for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 Manifesto. It was designed as a direct dialogue between us, as developers, and our fans. The live action portions (green screen and motion graphics animation by gNet) convey in very clear terms the impact of our game's core features on, not only the Guild Wars 2 experience, but pushing the entire MMO genre.

As the director, it was my hands-on responsibility to coordinate the integration and design of all of the in-game footage I story boarded and shot, the illustrations, background art, live action footage, game capture and motion graphics elements created in house, as well as the outsourced green screen and mo-graph animation done by the external studio gNet.

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Luke Swain said...

I remember seeing this a few months ago, but didn't know you created it. It's a great showcasing of GW2, and having the team members share their comments really helps. Was it mostly composed in After Effects?