GW2 Hero

This concept is from before GW2 development really started, for the human hero role in a trailer cinematic.. the character ended up being "Logan Thakery"- Kekai did the final badass concept.

Also, if you've not already, do yourself a favor and pick up Valve's Orange Box (PC, 360, PS3! Besides the full collection of the genuinely fun and great looking Half-Life 2 games, OB includes Portal, a really neat first-person-view puzzle game developed by DigiPen students, and one my favorite looking games of all time, Team Fortress 2! TF2 was art-directed by Moby Francke, and executed by Valve's strongest artistic team. It's beyond refreshing to see such a rad looking game do so well amongst its rehash-of-a-rehash competitors. Most importantly though, HL2: Episode 2 still uses props I made for the original game, so I can put it on my resume :)

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