My Guild Wars 2 trailer is live!

Here's the GW2 debut trailer I directed! It was my responsibility to come up with the concept, edit the script, story board the animatic and make sure the execution was spot on, from start through the entirety of production. I also shot the in-game footage. A lot of talented people are working on this game and the trailer had to make sure their game was shown in the best light and presented in a way that would not only satisfy a dedicated fan base, but also intrigue potential fans from new demographics. Kekai Kotaki did the majority of the illustrations along with Daniel Dociu, the art director.

We've been working on the game for a while and its looking more and more like the concept art! I'm happy to say that both the in-game and the entire animated portions of the trailer were all done 100% in house! I'm stoked to get to work with such a rad team!

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mufaciin said...

Pozdravy z Ukrajiny.
Your work very pleased me. Very interestingly, as it was done. I mean that part of trailer, where pictures and sketches come back to life. Interesting technique, how is it named? Tried to find the pair of days something similar and no results. Interestingly me to make attempt do an amateur trailer in the same style. Let fall a hint, if it is a not secret, as it works or throw link to the tutorial. Thank you.