FuturePoly is our new digital arts training studio. Owner Jason Stokes, myself, and a host of top industry artists will be teaching a variety of classes related specifically to game art. If you want to pursue a career in the interactive entertainment industry, this is a serious, one-stop shop for everything you need to learn to set yourself on a strong trajectory toward landing your dream job. With a full curriculum for beginners or re-specialization as well as seminars for-pros-by-pros, FuturePoly is going to quickly become a name synonymous with the growth of the north-west digital arts community and top tier trade education. For more information,  please visit our website www.FuturePoly.com and come get your effing learn on.

What? That's the best log you've ever seen? Yeah, well guess who designed it... me. I designed the logo for FuturePoly. Boom, that's how I roll!

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