Second Son

I've been with Sony's Sucker Punch studio as Art Director, and it's great to finally announce our new game, inFAMOUS Second Son and debut our in-engine trailer along with the unveiling of the super cool new Playstation 4!

Farmers Market Poster

Perhaps mice aren't the most appetizing mascots for a farmer's market. But I felt like drawing mice. 

Press Start

I was invited to contribute to an awesome art show, and created this one-off print. The show is called PRESS START, Video Game Art by Video Game Artists, and is hosted by the Ltd Gallery here in Seattle. I thought I'd try and do something painterly for one of the world's biggest game franchises, made right here in town by a couple of hard working studios. I'm pretty excited about the new game! 
Looks like my piece sold already, but check out some of the awesome entries up on display!

Cool fan cinematic edit!

Check out this awesome fan-edited trailer by Mr. Thomas, utilizing pieces of almost all the animated and in-game cinematics I worked on. It's pretty neat!!


Couple'a Characters

This death guy was a freelance character illustration for casual games, while the one below is an in-class concept demo I did at FuturePoly.

Old Half-Life 2 concept

Here's my first ever published piece of concept art. It was for Half-Life 2 back in 2002. It was for a man-made propeller contraption that was designed to defend against head-crab zombies.
The concept was published in Valve's Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar.
I also did the model/texture. Here's a couple amazing screen-shots.


Check out my step-by-step tutorial in this months ImagineFX Magazine.  

Click for high res final image.
Also, don't forget to sign up or tell a friend, the upcoming session of FuturePoly classes are filling up fast for the next quarter. Just take a look at the awesome student gallery! Come get your learn on!!

Kotaku shoutout

Kotaku gave me a nice shoutout! I read Kotaku every day. Bromance!

My Happy Book!

Hey, check out my new blog where I post my doodles, old and new, good and bad, rough sketches and birthday cards for my family. HORIA'S HAPPY BOOK!

GamesCom trailer!

Here's the new trailer I boarded and directed for Guild Wars 2. The game is looking awesome, and I'm really stoked about how nice the painterly intro stuff turned out!

Guild Wars 2 lore and game-play trailer for Gamescom 2011
Horia Dociu ,Director, storyboards, in-game camera
Illustrations by Levi Hopkins, Kekai Kotaki, Daniel Dociu
Pre-rendered motion graphics and compositing by Matthew Oswald
In-game cinematic motion graphics animation by ArenaNet Cinematic Team

Goin' Commando!

I came up with an April fools' prank for Guild Wars 2 last year, and with the help of some of my talented ArenaNet friends, it was a giant success!
Check out the official page, and some more behind the scenes on the Arena blog.

Photo-chopped sketch I did for our character modeler, Delly Sartika.
I thought it'd be cool to have a modern shooter style military character as our "next playable profession". So after a lot of prep work, I shot full on skill videos, like we do for all the real in-game professions and I coordinated with my buddies so that across the board, from our web releases to interviews and model renders, our "Commando" roll-out was as believable as possible. The joke page got more facebook shares in three days than any of the other professions got in months up on the site!

Our sweet GW2 cinematics!

Here's the real-time-rendered, in-game-cinematic-cut-scene for the Guild Wars 2 "Catacombs" dungeon. I directed this and drew up the story boards- big huge high five to my kick-ass team for hitting such a high quality bar. I think it came out super nice and I'm glad we get to share it before the game is out!

Kevin Dart's "Yuki-7: Looks That Kill"

My good friends at Fleetstreet Scandal are back with a new drop-dead gorgeous Yuki-7 book! Peep the absurdly stylish new animated trailer below, go buy the book, and then get sad cuz you'll never be that cool... at least that's what I'm going to do!

The piece I did for the last Yuki-7 book is for sale at Nucleus Gallery.